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  • What Does the Lord Require of You?
    Micah’s most beloved verse is more than a spiritual to-do list. In the early 1960s, political writer Hannah Arendt attended the trials of Adolf Eichmann, the German officer who had orchestrated much of the Holocaust. She expected to find a monster. How could it be otherwise? Only a deranged psychopath could lend his considerable organizational […]
  • Community Arts, Visual Artistry, and the Christian Faith
    Leah Samuelson is Associate Lecturer of Art at Wheaton College. Community Arts, Visual Artistry, and the Christian Faith In this episode of Theology for Life, Lynn and Ed talk with Leah Samuelson about community art—what it means and how it benefits the community and those participating. How are relationships built while doing art? Samuelson shares […]
  • The Dead White Man Who Could Fix Our Race Problem: Oswald Chambers
    As a black woman wrestling with racism in America, I lean on a Scottish theologian’s four key insights. Oswald Chambers didn’t know Lecrae and John Piper. Or your church leader or mine. He didn’t know about tensions today between white evangelicals and black evangelicals. Or between Democrats and Republicans, left and right. Even if he […]
  • One-on-One with Elmer Towns on His New Paraphrase “The Bible by Jesus”
    An extended sermon in the words of the Savior Elmer Towns has a new book that will raise some questions and spark some discussion. He spoke with The Exchange about “The Bible by Jesus” recently and this is what he had to say. The Exchange: So how did this book come about? Elmer Towns: About […]
  • Why was Jesus so effective at reaching messy people? [Gospel Life Podcast]
    Start each week with this encouragement to show and share the love of Jesus. Why was Jesus so effective at reaching messy people? Daniel Yang, Director of the Send Institute at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, pulls from Luke 15:1-2 to talk about God’s love for lost people. In evangelism, there’s always a […]

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  • Hackathon That Doesn't Necessarily Include Computers
    The Indigitous #Hack will seek to find solutions to needs that ministries around the world might have. K-LOVE's George Rath found out the details from Mark Breneman with InverVarsity Christian Fellowship, who has a major part.
  • Bicycles For Jesus
    K-LOVE's Kimberly Lahodny shares the amazing re-entry ministry for convicts of Hurricane Memorial's Bike Shop.
  • Iraqi Christians Committed To Stay
    Many Christians who call Iraq home plan to stay in their native country despite persecution. Listen as K-LOVE's Adam Russell shares their story.
  • Abbey and Anxiety
    A crash at the Rio Olympics, a disconnect between appearances and deep down reality, brings Abbey D’Agostino to a relationship with God. K-LOVE's Kenny Noble Cortes reports.
  • Skating Through The Gospel
    K-LOVE's Alex Gregory speaks with Brandon Siroli about Skate Church in Ocala Florida, and how it's reaching a previously underserved audience.
  • Teen Event Aimed To Curb Unsafe Driving
    Teens treated to free food, music and fun as they learned about the dangers of unsafe driving. Listen to K-LOVE’s Rafael Sierra’s report.
  • Ministry On Wheels And On The Road
    A husband and wife ministry team is on a permanent road trip of sorts. Listen as K-LOVE's Adam Russell shares the story of a couple who travels to those they serve.
  • Former Yankee Great Shares Faith
    Bobby Richardson played second base for the Yankees in the golden years of the 1950's and 1960's. K-LOVE's George Rath reports some of his greatest accomplishments have happened after his retirement.
  • Debt Often Brings Millennials Back Home
    Student loan debt and college degrees that don't mean what they once did often drive Millennials back to mom and dad's. Listen as K-LOVE's Adam Russell reports what that means for churches.
  • Shower On Wheels = Hope For The Homeless
    Outreach in St. Louis gives people who are homeless a chance to restore dignity in their lives through their mobile shower unit. Listen to K-LOVE’s Rafael Sierra’s report.